Solutio in silico

Solutio in silico, or "solutions via computer simulation", is a website created to promote science and technology concepts in medicine through computer-based tools. The site was designed with two main principles as the focus:

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Where To Start

Using this site you can learn using either a "top-down" or "bottom-up" approach. To learn the top-down way, start with one of the Topic Guides, which covers a specific medical technology (so far only CT imaging is available). You can get a brief intro to the technology, and then work your way down, as far as you want, to the core concepts and source code implementations. If you prefer the bottom-up way of learning, you can start either with one of the science fields (so far only medical physics is available) or the source code, and work your way up to the applied technologies that are based on that core science.

Recently Added