Planner 2D

Learn about external beam radiation therapy by planning simple treatments.

External (blue)
Radius: 10

Target (red)
Radius: 2 | Position: (0, 0)

OAR: Organ at risk (green)
Radius: 2 | Position: (3, 3)

Number of Beams: 1

Current Beam: 1

Gantry Angle: 0

Field Size: 10

Dose Blending: 0.5
DVH Plots
Target (red)
OAR (green)

Dose Stats
Max. Target Dose: 0.000
Min. Target Dose: 0.000
Max. OAR Dose: 0.000

About Planner 2D

Planner 2D Diagram

Planner 2D is a web app designed to teach basic concepts about external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) planning by providing a simple, adjustable test case. In this case disease (the target) is being treated with photons beams. There is a nearby organ at risk (OAR) that should receive as little radiation as possible. Both the target and OAR can be altered to produce different treatment scenarios.

During the planning process, you can set the number of beams, along with their angle(s) and field size(s). The radiation dose is calculated using a corrections-based dose calculation algorithm, based on the AAPM TG-71 formalism. The calculation algorithm is the CBDose C++ code found here on this site. The modeled beam is from a 6 MV linac, with beam data taken directly from the TG-71 report. Here are some related links for reference and further reading: