RayCT Lite

You can use this web application to simulate CT images and learn more about how CT imaging works. Design the object you want to image, choose the CT imaging parameters, and then acquire the simulated images. If you want to learn more about the app itself and how it works, check out these links:

I. Object Design

The designed object is a cross-section of 3D object created by combining multiple shapes (in this case, cylinders). You can choose the size, position, and material of each shape in the object. Use the image below to adjust and visualize the design.

Edit Current Shape

Current Shape ID: 1
Increase/Decrease Shape ID:

Size: | Position: | Material:

Shape List (1 Total)

Increase/Decrease Number of Shapes:

1) Size: 15 cm | Position: (0, 0) | Material: Water

II. Imaging Parameters

Choose the CT imaging parameters you want below and press the "Acquire Images" button to get the CT image of the object you designed. Please use the value ranges suggested in the parentheses.

Tube Potential (kVp): (30-140)
Exposure (%): (1-100)

III. View Results

**Currently no data is being viewed.