Programming Tutorials

One of the aims of Solutio in silico is connecting concepts to code, enabling you to fully understand how different medical technologies work. Part of this aim involves providing open source code, and to get the most out of the code this site also provides programming tutorials. This section of the website provides programming tutorials, starting with C++ and eventually other languages/environments to come later.

All of the tutorials here come from the perspective of someone who is self-taught. There's a lot of information and tutorials out there, and it's easy to get overloaded with information. After spending several years reading other tutorials and coding for myself, I've tried to condense and simplify what I've learned in a way that will enable you to learn faster than I was able to. So the tutorials here are meant to be minimalist in scope, focusing on the bare essentials. The goal is not that you would become an expert in a particluar subject, but that by following these simple, brief explanations you will be able to understand the core concepts of each topic in as little time as possible.


The C++ programming language, in my opinion, is the language that you should learn first because it provides the combination of modern-day programming (object-oriented) with more traditional concepts (e.g. managing computer memory). If you learn the fundamental concepts of C++, you should be able to learn most any other language fairly quickly. It is also a highly flexible language and is used for a variety of tasks today. These tutorials are designed for you to learn the basics of C++ as quickly and easily as possible. The lessons start from a low-level perspective (computer memory and basic operations) and move on toward the modern philosophy of object-oriented programming (using classes)