Medical Physics Practice Problems

The purpose of this section is to supplement your medical physics education by providing practice problems testing many key concepts within the field. The problems are all mathematical in nature (no multiple choice questions), but include concepts taught in graduate school and tested by the ABR.

Each page below tests a single topic, but the variables are randomly generated every time the page is visited, allowing you to practice as many unique problems as you want. You have an unlimited number of tries for each problem, and after the first attempt you may choose to view the solution to the specific problem you are working on.

**The AAPM Task Group Reports are required to complete the related problems. Textbooks are not necessarily required for the other practice problems, but other resources may be needed (such as the tutorials) to find the appropriate information to solve the problems.

Radiation Physics & Detection

Radiation Therapy

Medical Imaging


How do you like the current practice problems? Are there any concepts that you would like to see added? Your questions and comments are highly valued and can be submitted using the Contact page.