About This Site

I find that I always learn best by not only memorizing information, but also by exploring and finding out for myself that the things that I'm learning actually work the way they should work. With that in mind, I wanted to provide a means for those in the medical community to explore these concepts as much as possible in an inexpensive way by using computer-based tools and methods. There's only a few sections now, but I plan on continuing to expand the site to include many topics, so be sure to check back for new updates and additions.

About Me

I'm a scientist by education, a medical physicist by training, and a programmer by hobby. I began by getting a bachelor's in physics, and went on to study medical physics to find a pratical application for my degree. I obtained MS and PhD degrees in medical physics, and along the way picked up and developed skills in computer graphics and computer science. I'm currently medical physics resident, pursuing ABR certification in therapeutic physics. Hope you enjoy and benefit from this website! I only know that it's helpful (or not) if you tell me, so please feel free to ask questions or give comments by using the Contact page, or you can email me at the address below.


Steven Dolly, PhD